This page contains Frequently Asked Questions for Filer.

Q: Can I save music files from Filer into my iPod?

A: No, this is not possible with Filer or any App Store App. The only ways to get content into the iPod application are through the iTunes desktop application or through the iTunes Store.

Q: Can I listen to music from Filer in the background on iOS4?

A: Yes, Background Audio Playback is enabled in Filer 2.0.5.

Q: Can I download YouTube Videos with Filer?

A: If you're looking for an App designed to download YouTube videos, Filer is not that app.

Filer is a tool built to let you get your files onto your device. If you can get a downloadable link to your file, you can probably download it.

YouTube provides access to its videos using streaming technologies, they do not generally provide downloadable links to their content.

There are services and bookmarklets that can produce a downloadable link from a YouTube video. These are not supported or endorsed.

Q: How do I connect to Dropbox?

A: On the main Files screen, tap the + to add a folder, then tap Dropbox. Authenticate with your Dropbox account information and your Dropbox will appear as a folder, just like the Mac or PC Dropbox app.

Q: How do I download files from Dropbox?

A: Just tap the file in the list.

Q: How do I upload files to Dropbox?

A: Just move a file to a Dropbox folder using the file manager - Either tap the File Details button to move it, or tap edit and move a bunch.

Q: My Dropbox folder says Device Offline and I can't access Dropbox, what's wrong?

A: When you connect to Dropbox, a Filer folder is created in your Dropbox. If you delete this folder, Dropbox will revoke Filer's access. This is one of Dropbox's security features. To restore access, delete the Dropbox folder from Filer and re-connect..

Q: How do I download files from the Web?

A: Filer features a Download queue so you can monitor the progress of your current download, reorder, remove, and restart downloads.

There's a few ways to get a download into the queue.
  1. Copy a link when you're browsing in Safari and launch Filer. It'll be waiting for you to tap Download!
  2. If you don't want to copy/quit/launch, there's a bookmarklet for Safari that does that all for you. Details below.
  3. Use the integrated web browser to navigate then switch it to Download mode, and tap links. Each link tapped gets added to the queue.
  4. Type out a URL into the Get Link screen and tap Download!

The Downloads icon will always show how many files are in the Queue, so you can always see when downloads have completed.

Q: How do I use the Safari Bookmarklet?

A: A Bookmarklet is actually a piece of javascript code that lives inside a Bookmark. The first step is creating the Bookmark. You can use the link in the application and follow the instructions there, or if you prefer, copy/paste the below code as your bookmark in Safari:


Once the bookmark is created, just use Safari to browse to something you want to download. Then call up your bookmarks menu and tap your Download bookmark. Filer will launch and in one tap you can download the content you were looking at before hitting the Bookmark. You can also switch over to the integrated Web browser and log in to a site or enter an anti-spam code.

See the Demo Videos for examples

Q: How do I use bookmarklets inside Filer?

A: The integrated web browser supports Bookmarks. In addition to enabling quick access to your favorite sites, javascript bookmarklets are supported as well. Any bookmark that begins with javascript: will be evaluated as a bookmarklet.

Q: What does that mean?

A: Search the web for bookmarklets that will allow you to uncover download links from sites where you might like to save your files. These bookmarklets can then be installed in Filer by creating bookmarks and pasting them in.

Q: Can I download in the background and run another App?

A: Yes, if you have an iOS 4 device that supports multitasking

On hardware that doesn't support multitasking, and on the iPad, you can still:

  • Resume Downloads if you quit Filer and come back
  • Use the integrated web browser while downloading
  • View your downloaded documents and media files while downloading
  • Pick up where you left off in documents and media files if you quit Filer and come back

Q: What files can I view?

A: You can view all Document, Image, and Media files supported by the iPhone OS. When you download a file, Filer will assign a default viewer, based on the extension. You can also rename files and change their viewer if the filename doesn't match the contents.

If Filer can't view the file, tap and hold it to see if any other applications on your device can.

Q: Where are the files stored? Are they backed up when I back up with iTunes?

A: Your downloaded files are stored within Filer's app sandbox. This means they're only visible to Filer and only available while the app is running. If you delete Filer, from your device, you delete all the files it stores too.

Downloaded files are NOT backed up by iTunes or iCloud. The App Store guidelines now prohibit apps from backing up files that are not created directly by users.

Q: Can I download multiple files at once?

No, but Filer will run through the queue and download each file as fast as it can, even in the background. Trying to grab a bunch of files at once won't usually help with the speed, but it'll sure drain your battery and slow down your device!

Q: Can I download and install iPhone Apps with Filer?

A: Nope. The app for that is called "App Store".

Q: How do I get my files onto my computer?

iPad and iOS 4 A: Connect your device to iTunes with a USB cable. Click on the device icon and then the Apps tab. Under File Sharing select Filer from the list. All of your files and folders are listed, you can drag them right out of iTunes.

A: On the Settings screen, you can enable Web sharing. To use sharing you'll need a computer on the same Wi-Fi network as your device. Using a web browser on that computer, type the http address shown.

Once you're connected via web, you can download or upload files straight to your device.

Q: I unzipped a file and it made a MACOSX directory and some files that start with ._, what gives?

A: On a Mac, when you compress files or folders into a Zip Archive, the OS creates these files in the Zip, so they will be created when you extract from the Zip. They can be safely deleted though.

Q: Does Filer work with sites where I have to type an anti-spam code or log in?

A: Filer has been tested with Gmail, Dropbox, Megaupload, and a number of other web applications. As long as you use the integrated web browser to enter in the login or spam code, downloading works just fine. Once you've downloaded the file, you may need to rename it or unzip it, both of which are supported!

Q: How do I log in to a site requires HTTP Authentication?

A: Web servers that use HTTP Authentication will prompt you to log in before you can browse them.

If you're attempting to grab a file from the Get Link screen, Filer will prompt you for a name/password if the server requests one.

If you're using the web browser, Filer will only be able to prompt you if you have Browser HTTP Auth turned on in the settings and you type or paste the URL directly into the address bar.

Sites that use pop-up windows are not supported by the Filer browser. You may be able to use Safari to get the download link, and send it over to Filer to do the downloading.

Q: OK, but what about...?

A: Send an email to!