FLAC Player 1.3.0 Released

I'm happy to announce that FLAC Player 1.3.0 has been approved and released today.

FLAC Player 1.3.0 includes a highly-anticipated 10-Band equalizer, Info display on the lock screen, the ability to exclude files from backup, and bug fixes/performance improvements. These new features require iOS 5, and some graphics have been updated for the new iPad.

Many thanks to everyone that helped with this release!


Double Whammy - Filer and FLAC Player Updates

Filer 2.1.5 and FLAC Player 1.2.1 have both been approved and released today.

Filer 2.1.5 brings fixes for iOS 5 as well as full-screen file viewing and web browsing on iPad in landscape mode.

FLAC Player 1.2.1 brings a couple of bug fixes to the recent 1.2.0 release.


FLAC Player 1.2.0 Released


FLAC Player 1.2.0 has been released via the App Store, and is a free update to all FLAC Player customers.
This much-awaited version of FLAC Player brings support for Playlists, Album/Artist browsing, as well as a ton of improvements and bug fixes.




What's next for FLAC Player

Just a glimpse of things to come:

PlaylistsPlaylist Editor


FLAC Player 1.1.0 Released

FLAC Player 1.1.0 has been approved and is now available in the App Store