Double Whammy - Filer and FLAC Player Updates

Filer 2.1.5 and FLAC Player 1.2.1 have both been approved and released today.

Filer 2.1.5 brings fixes for iOS 5 as well as full-screen file viewing and web browsing on iPad in landscape mode.

FLAC Player 1.2.1 brings a couple of bug fixes to the recent 1.2.0 release.


FLAC Player 1.2.0 Released


FLAC Player 1.2.0 has been released via the App Store, and is a free update to all FLAC Player customers.
This much-awaited version of FLAC Player brings support for Playlists, Album/Artist browsing, as well as a ton of improvements and bug fixes.




What's next for FLAC Player

Just a glimpse of things to come:

PlaylistsPlaylist Editor


FLAC Player 1.1.0 Released

FLAC Player 1.1.0 has been approved and is now available in the App Store


FLAC Player 1.1.0 Submitted

FLAC Player 1.1.0 has been submitted, and is currently under review.

This update adds Repeat and Shuffle functions to the player, performance optimizations, as well as the ability to view artwork embedded in FLAC files.

Additionally, support for high quality (24-bit, 96KHz) playback is improved, and should be possible with selected external DACs.  USB DACs are showing good results when connected using the iPad USB Camera Connection Kit.

For more information on 24/96 testing, please see the following discussion threads:

Computer Audiophile: iOS 24/96 Output Possible?

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