The Hammock District

The Hammock District was established in 2009 as a creative outlet to build efficient, native applications on iPhone.

My first app, Filer, was designed as a quick way to grab a file and save it to your iPhone. The design philosophy was to make it usable from a hammock. Specifically, make that task simple enough on your phone that you wouldn’t want to get up and go use a real computer.

In the years since, I’ve moved onto my love of high fidelity music with FLAC Player, and expanded to the big canvas of iPad. Filer (named Downloader at the time) was one of the few iPad apps available at launch in 2010, and I’m incredibly proud to have been part of that beginning.

With Clone, I’m hoping to push iPad forward as a productive developer tool. Often, version control apps like Git are the last things you’d want to use from a hammock. But, with clean lines and easy code publishing, I’m hoping to change that.

Thanks for stopping by.