Downloader 1.70 has been released. This update adds USB File Sharing on iPad devices, UI Polish/Design Enhancements, Faster file extractions and some additional tweaks.

Check it out on the App Store.

After a very intense couple of months, Downloader 1.60 has been released. The big news is that it’s a Universal Application for iPad and iPhone, taking advantage of many new iPad features.

There are still some refinements and improvements on the iPhone version, so I hope you’ll enjoy those too.

I thought a lot about whether or not to make this an update or a new “HD” app. Ultimately I decided to update the existing app and keep the price the same. Anyone who has bought Downloader gets a free upgrade to the iPad version. Much of the application was ready under the hood, and I’m very happy how well it turned out on the bigger, faster device.

The file handling and video capabilities of the new device really shine here. I was amazed how seamless it is to tap an attachment in the iPad Mail app, and seconds later it’s stored safely in Downloader. Works the other way too, if you download or unzip a document, Downloader can send it to Pages.

I’ll be adding USB file sharing to the app (iPad only) very soon, had to get a device in hand first.

To all my customers, thank you very much. I hope you enjoy the latest update, whether you bought an iPad this weekend or not.


P.S. If you have an app you enjoy, the developer would certainly appreciate a good review.

Downloader 1.50 is now available on the App Store. This release adds a scroll slider for quick access when viewing large documents.

Version 1.50 also features some tweaks in the FAQ/support screen and fixes for iPad compatibility.

A bug has been found when viewing PDFs in the document viewer, causing the app to crash. This is fixed in Downloader 1.51, which is already on the way.

Update: Downloader 1.51 has just been approved and should be appearing shortly.

Downloader 1.40 has been released this week, with many improvements and refinements. New 720p demo videos have been uploaded to YouTube.

Also, the price has been lowered to [$1.99](, so have at it!

Downloader 1.40 is coming, and I’ve uploaded new demonstration videos to YouTube. Check them out on the Downloader - Demo Videos page.

Just finished downloading the new iPhone OS beta SDK, and there’s some great stuff in 3.2 that will pay off in a big way for Downloader. USB connectivity for sure.

Interestingly, Apple says these pieces are only on iPad, but I’m sure by the time the next iPhone OS comes out (and is the focus of an Apple event), the important pieces will be on your phone.

P.S. Downloader 1.40 was submitted this past weekend, hope to see that online soon.

Downloader Lite has just been approved by Apple and will be available in the App Store any minute now.

Downloader Lite is a free version of the powerful Downloader app. Try it for free and see why it’s the best app of its kind in the App Store, with its clean design and innovative file/download management. Downloader Lite will store up to 10 downloaded files and manage 3 in the download queue.

Upgrade to Downloader for premium features, including Audio/Video/Document viewers that remember your position, creation of Zip archives, extraction of password-protected archives, downloading from password-protected sites, web browser bookmarks, emailing attachments from the app and more!

By far the biggest update yet, Downloader 1.30 is live in the App Store.

In addition to bug fixes and usability improvements, this release includes over 20 new features.